Hong Kong changed electoral law : Amore

Hong Kong, May 27

Hong Kong’s legislature today passed a bill that drastically changes election laws, reducing the number of people who vote and increasing the number of pro-Beijing legislators, which has helped boost the city’s development. . Under the new law, the city’s national security department is empowered to conduct background checks on potential candidates for government positions and set up a new committee to ensure that candidates are “patriotic.” The number of seats in Hong Kong’s legislature will be increased to 90, of which 40 will be selected by a large pro-Beijing selection committee.

The number of legislators elected by the people of Hong Kong will be reduced from 35 to 20. The bill, reportedly passed by a vote of 40-2, met with little opposition, as most legislators are pro-Beijing. Pro-Beijing lawmakers praised the bill during the debate, saying the reforms would deter those who are not loyal to Hong Kong. -ap

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