History of racism abuse in cricket | Cricket has lost several times already on its own ground, veteran chiefs bowed

Cricket is called Gentleman’s Game. There is obviously no room for any kind of indecency in this game. Indecency can come from the players who are part of the game on the field or from the spectators. If the person is not punished for such an act, the spirit of the game is injured.

The racist abuses that were committed with Indian players Mohammad Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah during the third test match between India and Australia. Without a doubt, the game’s credit is reduced. The Australian team have always been infamous for spearheading rival players. But this time, no player on the team hurt the public’s spirit of the game.

What to do Cricket Australia

In this case, Cricket Australia would have to learn from the cricket commission of its neighboring country, New Zealand. The case is from 2019, some viewers made a derogatory remark against England fast pitcher Jofra Archer. The 28-year-old cricketer fan had also apologized for his conduct, but New Zealand Cricket banned the spectator from visiting any of its stadiums.

Osama told Moin Ali

The versatile English Moin Ali was also the victim of such indecency. In 2015, during the Ashes Test in Cardiff, England, an Australian player named Osama for Moin Ali. Moin Ali mentioned this in a book. Let us tell you that Osama Bin Laden was the dreaded Al Qaeda terrorist who was killed by the United States in 2011 in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

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Sarfaraz said to Felukwyo, Abe Kale, your …

It is the year 2019, when Sarfaraz Ahmed was the captain and wicket keeper of the Pakistani cricket team. It was January and the Pakistani team were playing the second ODI of the series in Durban. Meanwhile, against South African player Felukwyo, who was batting at bat, Sarfaraz said he used abusive language behind the wicket – Abe Kale, Teri …

Sarfaraz’s commentary became public thanks to a strain microphone. After that, when there was a ruckus over his indecency, Sarfaraz accepted his mistake and apologized to Felukwyo. He tweeted that he apologized to Felukwyo for his behavior and the South African player forgave him.

Monkey Gate Scandal

Whenever there is talk of racial commentary in cricket, the name of this monkeygate affair comes first. This is the famous Australian tour of India in 2008. The Indian team was knocking after Australia’s huge score in the opening rounds. Meanwhile, there was an argument between Harbhajan Singh and Andrew Symond. Andrew Symond and the Australian players have alleged that Harbhajan called Symond a monkey.

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Australia called this a racist comment on Harbhajan’s behalf and there was a lot of heckling about this issue. Speaking in the post-match press conference, Indian captain Anil Kumble said: “One team was playing cricket with the spirit of the game.” His gesture was clear that the spirit of the game was being torn from Australia. In this match, referee Steve Buckner gave many such decisions, which would be characterized as very poor quality referees.

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