Happy birthday Ravindra Jadeja, three times when the versatile saved the Indian team from a difficult situation | Birthday special: when Ravindra Jadeja became Team India’s convenience store

New Delhi: Ravindra Jadeja, the versatile player of the Indian team, turns 32 today. He was born on December 6, 1988 in Jamnagar (Gujarat), Gujarat. He played 49 tests, 168 ODI and 50 international T20s for India. He is currently out of the T20 series against Australia due to a head injury.

In 2009 Ravindra Jadeja made his debut on behalf of Team India, since then he has made a mark in international cricket with his ball and bat. Here we are referring to those selected matches in which it turned out to be a troubleshooting tool for Team India.

2014 vs New Zealand (IND vs NZ)

In this ODI match played in Auckland, India had to score 315 points to win. The Team India 6 batsmen returned to chase the target and returned to the flag with a score of 184 points. In that match, Jadeja scored a 66-point inning and formed an important 85-point partnership with Ravichandran Ashwin. The India-New Zealand match was drawn and Jadeja received the Man of the Match award.

Against England in 2016 (IND vs ENG)

When the India and England teams were face to face during the Mohali test. In the first rounds of Team India, 6 wickets had fallen to the score of 204 points and they were still 77 points behind England. Then Ravindra Jadeja scored 90 brilliant points and, together with Ravichandran Ashwin, took the team’s score to 417 points. In this way, India got a lead of 134 points. Jadeja received the “Man of the Match” award for this round. India won this match by 8 wickets.

Against Australia in 2020 (IND vs AUS)

The last case is that of the T20 match played on December 4. 5 wickets of Team India, who came out first at bat, fell to the score of 92 points. In such a situation, Ravindra Jadeja again took the lead and scored 44 points on 23 balls using 5 fours and 1 sixes. That way Team India scored 161/7 in the prescribed 20 overs. In response, the Australian team could only score 150 points from 20 assists. India won this match by 11 points. Jadeja was a big contributor to this success, although he couldn’t play due to a head injury.

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