Hanuma Vihari Performed After Taking An Injection, Says He Couldn’t Feel His Leg | IND vs AUS: Hanuma Vihari roared like an injured lion, didn’t give up even after not feeling a leg

New Delhi: The chance for Team India’s historic victory has become the whole world. It was impossible to beat Australia with an injured team at home but the way the Indian players showed passion the whole world saluted them. The Border-Gavaskar Trophy has come on many occasions, which will be remembered in history.

Hamuna Vihari became a warrior

Something similar was done by Hanuma Vihari in this series. Even after being injured, this player stood on the pitch and crushed the Australian bowlers.

The Kangaroo team was set to win the match at the Sydney Test, but Hanuma Vihari stood like a wall and drew the match.

Hanuma Vihari said in a website interview that he performed after taking injections. He said, “I had been injected with pain medication and a band was also attached to my leg. The only thing going on in my mind was that I had to defend my team. I thought I had to fight for about three hours in each situation.

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Vihari said: “I had taken the injection during the T break. After that I didn’t feel any pain, but there was definitely weakness in my right leg. I didn’t feel my right leg at all. After taking such a killer pen, I was not in pain, but I felt that I had no leg.

He said: “I knew my streak was over there. I knew it wasn’t a cramp or a minor injury. I knew I had torn my hamstrings. Because I’ve done it before. . I could neither walk nor run ”.

Please say that Vihari (Hanuma Vihari) played 23 undefeated points on 161 balls in the Sydney test.

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