From 2022, 10 teams will play in IPL, BCCI accepts proposal at AGM | BCCI approves IPL of 10 teams, these changes will be in the tournament from 2022

Ahmedabad: Inclusion of two new IPL teams at the 89th Annual Meeting of the General Council of the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI), the ICC’s request for tax exemption on world tournaments in India and the formation of various committees cricket will be the order of the day. .

There will also be an official announcement of the selection of the new BCCI Vice-President, Rajeev Shukla, who was elected unanimously. Brijesh Patel will remain as the head of the IPL board.

There is also speculation that BCCI Chairman Sourav Ganguly will be questioned about his advertisements and the issue of the conflict of interest associated with it, but there is no clarity on this as yet.

Two new teams will also be approved for IPL 2022. A senior board official said: “ It is not possible to have ten teams in the IPL for 2021 at the moment. For that, the tendering process and the auctions will take a long time and in such a short time it is not possible ”.

He said: “ It would be fair if the approval was taken and there was a 94-game tournament in 2022. ”

At the same time, there is only one week in the deadline to guarantee the ICC full tax exemption for the T20 World Cup to be held in October-November. Otherwise, the tournament will be played in the UAE.
BCCI Secretary and Sourav Ganguly will continue to be the Council’s representatives in ICC forums.

If the BCCI supports the inclusion of cricket in the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028, its autonomy will end and it will report to the Department of Sports, namely the National Sports Federation.
The formation of various BCCI committees has also been blocked for a long time. It is believed that a new Cricket Advisory Board will be formed which will elect three new selectors.

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