France opens schools, bans domestic travel: Amore

Paris, 3 May

France has begun loosening the ban on coronaviruses. Secondary and high schools have been opened in the country. The ban on domestic travel has also been lifted. Tourists will be allowed to come to France from 9 June but will require a vaccination or CVID negative certificate. French people can now travel ten kilometers from their home. However, the curfew will continue from 7 pm to 6 am. The number of hospital admissions for infections in France has declined. Restaurants and cafes are serving food to outside customers, although the number is limited. Shops of non-essential items have opened. Sports centers have also been opened at various heritage sites. Corona has caused more than one million deaths in European countries so far. Last week, President Emanuel Macron unveiled plans to lift the partial lockdown. Coronavirus has killed about 105,000 people in France so far. The French people also protested against the government for imposing strict restrictions. -App

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