Former Australian cricketer Damien Fleming mocked Indian team on 36 points, Iceland Cricket takes revenge | Former Australian cricketer Damien Fleming mocked Team India, then Iceland Cricket took revenge

New Delhi: In the Adelaide test between India and Australia, the Indian team suffered an embarrassing 8-wicket loss. Host Australia are now 1-0 in this series.

Cheap india team
In the Adelaide test, the Indian team were only eliminated by 36 points in their second round. It is India’s lowest score in test cricket history. Virat Kohli’s army suffered greatly from this poor performance.

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Damien Fleming laughed
During the match, former Australian pitcher Damien Fleming commented: “I saw, showed 36, but I couldn’t believe it. It’s crazy. The last time I saw this in under 12s.

Iceland cricket besieges Fleming
On this comment from Damien Fleming, Iceland Cricket advised him to take a look at his gestures in gestures and remind him of Australia’s old record.

2011. Cape Town.
21 for 9 then 47 all out.
You were 41 years old. # AUSvIND

– Iceland Cricket (@icelandcricket) December 20, 2020

Remember the story of 2011
In 2011, the Aussie team were down for just 47 points in their second inning in the test match against South Africa in Cape Town. After that, host South Africa won the match by 8 wickets.

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