FIFA Suspends Pakistan Football Federation and Chad Football Federation with Immediate Effect Due to Third Party Interference, PFF | FIFA announces heavy blow to Pakistan Football Federation

Zurich: FIFA has given Pakistan a hard blow. This world body announced the sanction after ignoring a third of the Pakistan Football Federation.

Pak football federation punished

FIFA, the world’s football body, suspended the Pakistan and Chad National Football Federation on Wednesday after a dispute over how they operate. This information was provided via Twitter.

FIFA suspends Chadian and Pakistani football associations

– FIFA Media (@fifamedia) April 7, 2021

Suspended for the second time in 4 years

The Pakistan Football Federation was suspended for the second time in 4 years due to third-party interference when a group of officials and protesters took over the headquarters of the Lahore-based institution on March 27.

The weight of internal war

They opposed the “normalization committee” appointed by FIFA to lead the match in Pakistan after several years of internal fighting between a group of protesting officials. Possession of the PFF seat has already disrupted the National Women’s Championship.

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Why was Chad suspended?

Chad was suspended when the government of that African country dissolved the National Football Federation and attempted to appoint new officials to lead the match. FIFA has said it will only lift the suspension when the government reconsiders its decision and transfers power to the president of the Football Federation.

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