Fan asks sonu sood to save Australia’s india team, he gives a dignified answer | Fan asks Sonu Sood to help Team India stuck in AUS, got this weird response

New Delhi: Bollywood star Sonu Sood has helped many in need in the lockdown caused by the corona outbreak. Sonu launched an initiative to help migrant workers trapped in Mumbai from different parts of the country to join their families during the lockdown and fans have appreciated this noble cause. This time again, fans are asking Sonu Sood for help. But this time it’s something else.

In fact, after Team India’s embarrassing defeat in the first test match against Australia, fans’ anger is being felt on social media. The Indian team has been roughed up on Twitter.

Meanwhile, a fan mocked Virat Sena and asked Sonu Sood for help on Twitter. Fan wrote: “Dear Sonu Sood, the Indian cricket team is stuck in Australia. Can you take it out? Sonu Sood did not remain silent and supported the Indian team and wrote: “Give the Indian team a chance. Australia will bring the team home in the next game ”.

Give the Indian team another chance.

Australia will bring the team home in the next game

– sonu sood (@SonuSood) December 19, 2020

After this response from Sonu Sood, this tweet is becoming more and more viral on social networks.

Note that during the first Test of the Test series played against Australia, the Indian team suffered a severe defeat at 8 wickets. In the match, Team India scored 244 points in the opening innings. In the first heats, Australia had accumulated 191 points and Team India came out with a 53-point lead in the second heats. The Indian team started the day with nine points for the loss of a wicket. On the third day, they continued to lose wickets and Australia edged India out by just 36 points. This is India’s lowest score in a test match round

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