Even after being sacked, Tim Paine continued to violate the wrong decision of referee, Shane Warne. News in Hindi

New Delhi: The Indian team completely dominated the hosts on day one of the second test match between Australia and India at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The Indian bowlers, once again brilliantly performing, stacked Australia on 195 points in the opening innings. Until the stumps, India scored 36 points in their first rounds.

On the first day of the game something happened that everyone is surprised to see. At the same time, it becomes a heckling on social media.

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Tim Paine at bat even after being exhausted

Australian batsmen Cameron Green and captain Tim Paine were frozen in 55th place of the game. Green, standing on the shore, asked Tim Paine to take the picture. Tim Paine standing at the non-attacking run to take the run. The ball was in the hands of goalkeeper Rishabh Pant and he hit the ball over the stumps to get out. It was clearly visible in the TV reruns that the pen bat was above the crease. However, the third referee’s decision came in Tim Paine’s best interest and he was not abandoned.

How the hell was it not there? #TimPaine #INDvAUS pic.twitter.com/ibVPivpfAw

– Balakumar ramadoss (@bkdozz) December 26, 2020

By the rules, if a batter’s bat is over the crease, he is called out, but the third umpire did not give the pen.

Very surprised that Tim Paine survived this exhausted review! I had him on his bike and thought there was no part of his bat behind the line! I should have gone out in my opinion

– Shane Warne (@ShaneWarne) December 26, 2020

Shane Warne furious at the wrong decision

There has been a row about this. In fact, former Australian spinner Shane Warne has denied the move and he tweeted about it.

Warne (Shane Warne) said: “I’m surprised the third official didn’t allow Tim Paine to burn out. I think his bat didn’t enter the crease.

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