ENG VS SL: Moeen Ali tested positive for new variant of covid-19 | ENG VS SL: Corona virus of new ‘variant’ of Moeen Ali, panic created

Colombo: Sri Lankan health officials have said that a new ‘variant’ of the Kovid-19 has entered their country and that the England cricket team are currently traveling to Sri Lanka for two rounds of tests. Bad news has arrived for England, their cricket star has fallen victim to a new virus.

Moin Ali gets a new corona virus

When England star cricketer Moeen Ali was tested here he was found positive for the new strain of the virus.

Deputy Director General of Health Services Hemant Herath said Ali tested positive on January 4.

Since the corona virus outbreak in Sri Lanka since mid-March, 50,200 cases have been reported and 247 people have died. Since October 4, approximately 47,000 cases have been reported.

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Several countries have reported the presence of new variants of the UK including Denmark, the Netherlands, Australia, Italy, Sweden, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Canada , Japan, Lebanon and Singapore.

Chief epidemiologist Sudath Samaraweera said the UK variant is spreading very quickly, which could lead to more cases in Sri Lanka.

He said, “Therefore, we insist on a strict segregation process.”

The country had been completely closed since mid-May. Airports nationwide will open on Jan.21 due to the increase in cases they had to increase the earlier opening date.

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