ENG-Ishan-Kishan-Once-Arrested-Due-to-Reckless-Driving-T20 Series | IND vs ENG: Team India star Ishan Kishan was beaten by a crowd, few people know this story.

New Delhi: The second match of the T20 series between India and England was played in Ahmedabad. In this match, India made a big comeback in the series by beating England by 7 wickets. Young Indian batsman Ishan Kishan played a brilliant 56-point set in this game. The peculiarity is that it was Ishaan’s first game. But there was a time when Ishaan was severely criticized because of a car accident.

The storm of Ishaan in its infancy

Ishan Kishan, who made his debut for India in the second T20, played a quick shot against England. He hit 56 points on just 32 balls with the help of 5 fours and 4 sixes. For this explosive round, he was also chosen as “man of the match” in his very first game. Since this round of Ishan Kishan, he’s been considered India’s next big star.

Arrested in a car accident

Ishan Kishan was arrested five years ago in 2016 following a car accident. Ishaan was the captain of the Indian Under-19 team at the time. In fact, Ishaan pushed his car at high speed in an automatic rickshaw. After that, many people sitting in the rickshaw were injured. Due to this act of Ishaan, he was arrested by the Patna police.

People have been killed

As soon as Ishan Kishan’s car collided with a rickshaw, a crowd of people gathered there and he began to object. Ishan Kishan started falling out with them after that. Ishaan was badly beaten by people in this brawl, after which the police settled the case. At that time, along with Ishaan, the police also arrested many more people.

India equaled

After winning the second game against England, India tied 1-1 in this series. India beat England by 8 wickets in the first match. The third game of the series will be played on Tuesday.

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