Demand for Russian Sputnik vaccine is manifold: Tribune India

Taipei, 3 May

Russia is preparing to enlist the help of China to produce its Sputnik vaccine. Demand for vaccines has increased at home and abroad and production is not picking up. So Russia has now approached several Chinese companies. Russia will sign agreements with three companies to produce more than 250 million vaccines. The vaccine will help Latin American, Middle Eastern and African countries. These countries have asked Russia for a vaccine. Russian vaccines have been reported to be safe by a leading British medical journal. Russian government spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Sputnik’s demand far exceeded Russia’s domestic production capacity. To increase production, the Russian Direct Investment Fund has entered into agreements with pharmaceutical companies in India, South Korea, Brazil, Serbia, Turkey, Italy and other countries. London-based Airfinity says Russia can supply Sputnik to 100 countries. -App

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