Dale Steyn said – IPL dominated more money than cricket, people trolled

Karachi: South African fast pitcher Dale Steyn made such a statement about the IPL, after which controversy erupted on social media. In fact, Dale Steyn described the Pakistan Super League (PSL) as better than India’s Indian Premier League (IPL).

After this statement from Dale Steyn, all the fans on social networks flared him. Dale Steyn said: “ Outside of IPL playing in other leagues is more rewarding for you as a player. The main purpose of the IPL is to find out how much money a player earns.

Dale Steyn said: “The money in IPL is more important than cricket. There are so many teams in IPL that players tend to value money more than cricket, but in PSL cricket is more important.

When you go to IPL there are so many big teams, so many big names and so much emphasis maybe on how much money the players make and everything in between, so sometimes cricket is. forget it. is an importance on cricket.Dale Steyn pic.twitter.com/xadKxcKnyv

– Saleem Khaliq (@saleemkhaliq) March 2, 2021

After this statement from South African fast pitcher Dale Steyn, fans took to the target on social media. Fans took to Twitter after hearing Dale Steyn’s comment on the IPL and he lambasted Stein.

If you have played so many lanes in IPL on your bowling alley,
There are so many races going on, so the IPL is not spoiled because of that,
And in any other league you get a wicket, that doesn’t make that league good.
Difference players Hein Boss,
Jo High Price mein sold Hote Vo Yha Unsold #DaleSteyn

– Raman Prajapati (@_Ramanprajapati) March 2, 2021

Guess Steyn still couldn’t digest the fact that he was benched in IPL by the RCB team
This guy was punched (two 6s in a row) by Wahab Riyaz in the last game, saying he has the privilege of pulling out of auctions like someone is going to buy him #DaleSteyn #Cricket # PSL6 #Sachin

– Politically apolitical! (@ notpolitical12) March 2, 2021

Dale steyn is completely jealous of selling his mate Chris morris for $ 2.8 million and he got beat in IPL #Steyn #DaleSteyn # IPL2021 https://t.co/j3eJShiSPu

– Anshuman singh (@ anshuman3061) March 2, 2021

Dale styen #DaleSteyn https://t.co/8p180M2i1b

– AAYANSH (@Aayanshkashyp) March 2, 2021


– Varun (@ varunsach1) March 2, 2021

#DaleSteyn #Steyn #IPL #PSL
Every IPL fan at Dale Steyn right now: – pic.twitter.com/h560oULnLo

– Harsh Choubey (@ Harshchoubey44) March 2, 2021

Please say that Dale Steyn is not playing in the IPL at this time. Dale Steyn retired his name ahead of the IPL auction this year. Dale Steyn currently plays in the Pakistan Super League. A few days ago, Dale Steyn was angered by the comment from New Zealand commentator Simon Dool, who commented on his long hair. Please say that this time the new look of Dale Steyn, who plays in Pakistan Super League, is much discussed. Dale Steyn plays for Quetta Gladiators in the Pakistan Super League.

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