Cowd Crisis: Italy Announces Help to India: Amore

Vicky Batala

Milan (Italy), 29 April

In view of the worsening situation with Coronavirus in India, Italy has come forward to provide all possible help to India. Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Puli told the media that the situation in India is becoming very critical today due to the Corona epidemic, in view of which the Government of Italy declares all possible assistance to India. The Prime Minister said that Italy was also ready to send teams from India for medical facilities, oxygen and health.

Expressing deep concern over the outbreak of coronaviruses in India, he said that there was a lack of oxygen in India, in view of which Italy offered a special ‘oxygen production system’ and a team of specialized personnel. He said that India needed help at this time and Italy would not hesitate to help in this hour of grief. It is worth mentioning that even before this, famous players from around the world and various countries have announced all possible help to India.

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