Chris Gayle, a West Indian pandemonium, who was killed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is a big reason

Jamaica: West Indian drummer Chris Gayle thanked India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for sending the Corona vaccine to Caribbean countries. Chris Gayle in a video message congratulated Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and expressed his gratitude. When posting his video, Chris Gayle said: “I warmly thank Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Indian government and everyone present. We all congratulate him on taking this important step.

Jamaican cricketer Chris Gayle thanks India for sending COVID19 vaccines to Jamaica

“PM Modi, the Indian government and the Indian people, I want to thank you all for donating the vaccine to Jamaica. We appreciate it,” he says

– ANI (@ANI) March 19, 2021

Let us know that India is helping countries around the world in the fight against the corona virus. In this episode, India provided a large number of corona vaccine supplements to Caribbean countries. Before Chris Gayle, former West Indies captain Viv Richards praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

For those who love Old Cricket and New India. Maybe even for those who don’t understand cricket or India.

– Dr. S. Jaishankar (@DrSJaishankar) March 14, 2021

In a video, Viv Richards praised Modi and expressed confidence that it will further strengthen relations between the two countries in the future. Viv Richards said in a video: ‘I would like to thank the Government of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the people of India on behalf of the people of Antiga and Barbados for sending us the Corona vaccine shipment. It will strengthen our relationship. Many thanks to the High Commission of India, Prime Minister Modi and the Indian people for this support and cooperation.

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