Canada prepares to ban international students’ entry: Amore

Toronto, May 1

Canada is preparing to suspend the admission of international students, including India, in the province of Ontario, which is battling a third wave of infection in the face of the Corona epidemic.

According to the Ottawa-based education services provider Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE), Canada had 5,30,540 international students in 2020, 34 percent of whom were Indians. It is followed by China with 22 percent students. Ontario has the highest number of foreign students at 2,42,825, or 46 percent. According to a report by GlobalNewsCA, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said at a news conference on Friday that the government had stopped international students from entering Ontario in response to Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s appeal to prevent the spread of Corona Steps to be taken for Infection. It is believed. “Because so far only Ontario has made this appeal, we are happy to work closely with them,” he said. Mr. Trudeau said he would hold a meeting with his officials to formalize the appeal. However, he said it was not clear when the ban would come into force and how long it would last. -PTI

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