Cameron Green almost took the best catch in cricket history | Video: Never seen such a catch, Fielder ran from midfield to the limit, then see what happened

New Delhi: Players are often seen doing great actions on the cricket pitch. Many times the fielders also take such holds that no one even knows. Young Australian Cameron Green has also done something similar. In the national FIFT-50 Marsh Cup tournament in Australia, Green continued to take a capture that has never been seen by anyone. If he had been caught it would have been the best take in cricket history.

Great try!

In fact, in the Marsh Cup there was a match being played between Western Australia and Tasmania. Western Australia won the game by a whopping 159 points. But what got the most news in this game was the attempt to catch Cameron Green’s capture. Wester took a shot in the air during the 21 overs in the Tasmanian innings. Then, to catch the hook, Green (Cameron Green) started running straight from the center wicket. He ran a long race and he hit the limit. He grabbed the hold and bounced back towards her. In the second attempt to catch this hold, he missed it a bit and the catch was dropped from his hands.

If this take had caught Green (Cameron Green), it undoubtedly would have been the best take in the world. You can guess it from the fact that Green Beach ran from the ground to the dividing line in the back. He almost took that take. But in the end, they failed. Otherwise, this capture would have been a capture that had never been captured before.

Cameron Green almost pulled off the biggest catch in cricket history!

Almost … #MarshCup

– (@cricketcomau) April 8, 2021

Green is a fantastic all-rounder

Cameron Green is an emerging young all-rounder. This great player can show off great balls while hitting long sixes with his bat. Green recently made his Test debut against India. Green had also played a magnificent 84-point inning in the same series. During that inning, Green hit the Indian bowlers hard and hit six long.

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