Britain avoided delay in blacklisting India: Amore

London, 16 May

The British government today defended criticism of Pakistan and Bangladesh for not including India in the Red List in early April. The B 1.617.2 form of Kovid-19 has led to a rapid increase in corona cases, symptoms of which were first found in India. The British government said it had taken precautionary measures on a visit to India on 23 April, six days before the investigation into the new version of Corona began. According to new figures from Public Health England, around 20,000 people traveled between India and the UK before being banned under the Red List, and among the 122 people who arrived from Delhi and Mumbai from late March to 28 April, Corona There are new serious forms. got to know. A British government spokesman said: “Before India was blacklisted in April, anyone coming to the UK had to be negative and stay in solitude for 10 days.” He reprimanded the government for delay in taking action after such cases came to light. Wet Cooper, a senior Labor Party MP, said India’s immigrants should have been banned. He said that thousands of people had returned from India in three weeks, with hundreds of cases related to the new strain of the virus. United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson was scheduled to visit India in late April and many believe this was the reason for the delay in placing India on the Red List. Health Minister Matt Hancock revealed that 18 people were hospitalized due to Corona’s new look. He appealed to the people to come forward for vaccination as this is the only way to prevent corona. -PTI

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