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“Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery” on Netflix has added Andrew Scott

Wake Up Dead Man A Knives Out Mystery on Netflix has added Andrew Scott

“Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery,” the upcoming whodunit sequel, has added another gifted performer to its cast. Andrew Scott, who wowed audiences with his riveting roles in “Fleabag” and the new Netflix series “Ripley,” is joining the already-announced cast. This information heightens the anticipation for the highly anticipated third “Knives Out” film, which will debut on Netflix in 2025 and stars Rian Johnson.

Variety broke the initial news of Scott’s involvement, however there was little information available regarding his character. This continues the trend started by “Wake Up Dead Man” filmmaker Rian Johnson, who has kept the storyline secret. Nonetheless, Johnson already alluded to the fact that this new case for the eccentric detective Benoit Blanc—again portrayed by Daniel Craig—will be his “most dangerous” to date. Fans of the franchise are even more excited about this, ready to see what new riddle Blanc will have to solve.

Scott’s casting is a brilliant choice for the movie, even though the details of his part are still unknown. Renowned actor Scott imbues his characters with an unparalleled charm and passion. His most recent performance in the film “Ripley” as the sophisticated serial murderer Tom Ripley demonstrated his aptitude for navigating mystery and gloom. Given this background, he fits right in the world of “Knives Out,” where mysteries involving family secrets and ulterior intentions are the focus of Blanc’s investigations.

As Scott joins the group, it soon becomes apparent that they are the movie’s high point. Prior to the announcement, Josh O’Connor—who recently wrapped up a role in “Challengers”—and Cailee Spaeny—who is well-known for her work on “Priscilla”—were added. The star of the group is still, of course, Daniel Craig, whose charmingly goofy take of Benoit Blanc has drawn a lot of attention to the franchise. “Wake Up Dead Man” seems to be an engaging whodunit with the return of Craig and the inclusion of excellent actors like Scott, O’Connor, and Spaeny.

Both viewers and critics have praised the “Knives Out” franchise for its outstanding success. When it was first released in 2019, the movie brought in over $311 million at the box office worldwide and received an amazing 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Following suit, “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” the sequel, made its Netflix premiere in December 2022 and was well-received by critics. “Glass Onion” further cemented the “Knives Out” genre as a contemporary whodunit phenomenon with its gripping mystery, razor-sharp wit, and all-star cast.

The choice to have “Wake Up Dead Man” released on Netflix signifies a departure from the theatrical release plan used for the first movie. This is consistent with the rising demand for blockbuster film releases on streaming platforms. Netflix’s global reach guarantees that a vast audience will have the chance to witness the film, even though some fans may have hoped to see the next Benoit Blanc adventure on the big screen.

Filming for “Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery” is anticipated to start shortly, making it a significant Netflix release in 2025. The already intriguing concept gains even more curiosity with the casting of Andrew Scott. “Wake Up Dead Man” has all it takes to be another hit in the engrossing tale of Benoit Blanc and his distinct style of detective work, including a strong cast, a seasoned creative team, and an ardent fan following.