Boxam International: Three Indian boxers withdraw from final after positive COVID-19 case | Boxam International: Corona’s shadow over boxing, three Indian boxers withdrawn from the tournament final

New Delhi: Three Indian boxers were eliminated from the final of the 35th Boksam International Tournament in Castalione, Spain because an Indian player tested positive for the Kovid-19 test. Ashish Kumar, already qualified for the Olympics in the 75 kg category, must withdraw from the final after being found infected with this deadly virus.

Two other boxers came out

Besides Ashish Kumar was withdrawn from the final, two other Indian boxers were withdrawn from the final. Ashish’s Mohammed Hussamuddin (57kg) and Sumit Sangwan (81kg), who are in the same room with Ashish, are due to withdraw from the final matches on Sunday night. It was believed that the gold medals of these three men were firm, but now they will have to be content with the silver medal.

However, Mohammed Hussamuddin and Sumit Sangwan’s test turned negative and both will now return to India with the team on Monday.

Ashish showed no signs

Ashish Kumar, however, has not seen any symptoms of corona and is also in good health. But he will remain in isolation for two weeks in Castalione before returning to India. Other than that, Satish Kumar will not be able to participate in the final due to illness in 91 kg. As a result, Manish Kaushik was the only boxer to win a gold medal for India in 65 kg. Manish beat Nikolai Terteryan of Denmark in the final.

Simranjeet Kaur also withdrawn from women’s final

In the women’s 60 kg category, Simranjeet Kaur also had to withdraw from the final, as her Puerto Rican rival Kiriya Tapia also tested positive in the semi-finals. Although the Simranjit test is negative.

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