Big shock for Team India, this mysterious spinner who can come out at 7 of the T20 series

New Delhi: Ahead of the T20 5-game series against England, the Indian team could have a hard time. Indian mystery turner Varun Chakraborty is unlikely to play in the T20 series against England. The Indian team are set to play a five-game T20 series against England in Ahmedabad from March 12.

Varun can play the ball in seven ways

Mystery spinner Varun Chakraborty has claimed there are seven ways he can play. These include offbreak, legbreak, googly, carrom ball, flipper, topspin, yorker on toes. The exit of mystery stalker Varun Chakraborty is nothing short of a big setback for Team India.

Failed fitness test

Varun Chakraborty, 29, did no better in the new fitness benchmark set for Indian players. According to the new fitness criteria, a two-kilometer run must be completed in 8.5 minutes or with a score of 17.1 on the yo-yo test.
Varun Chakraborty was also fortunate enough to make his debut for the Indian squad on the Australian tour but due to injury he was also absent from the squad there. Chakraborty said he is still awaiting the BCCI’s response. He said, “No one has told him anything until now.”

Out of the Indian squad for the second time in five months

Varun Chakraborty will be out of the Indian squad for the second time in five months. He was selected to Team India for the T20 series against Australia but due to injury he was excluded from the squad. Chakraborty had done well for KKR in the last IPL season, after which he secured a place in Team India. Chakraborty was placed in the National Cricket Academy (NCA) after being injured.

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