Biden urges Parliament to pass immigration reform bill: Amore

Washington, April 29

US President Joe Biden called on Congress to pass a bill on comprehensive immigration reform, saying that immigrants have done much for the United States during the epidemic. The day he took office, Biden introduced a comprehensive immigration bill to Congress, proposing legal status and citizenship for thousands of unspecified migrants. “Immigration has always been important in America,” Biden said in his first address to the joint session of the US Congress on Wednesday. Let’s end our fight on immigration.

For more than 30 years, leaders have been talking about immigration reform, but they have done nothing about it, and now it is time to pass the bill. He said that the bill should pass for those who dream of living permanently in the United States. -PTI

Time to withdraw troops from Afghanistan: Biden

Washington: President Joe Biden has said that after 20 years of heroism and sacrifice, the time has come to call on his troops in Afghanistan. Biden assured the people that his government was fully capable of dealing with future threats to the country. In his first address to the joint session of Congress, Biden reassured the Americans. Earlier this month, Biden announced that he would withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan by 11 September and the process would begin on 1 May. “The US wants a permanent end to the war in Afghanistan,” he said. -PTI

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