Ben Stokes out of full 2021 IPL season due to broken finger and blow to Rajasthan Royals, RR | Big shock for Rajasthan Royals, Ben Stokes out of IPL 2021 season

New Delhi: The Rajasthan Royals lost by 4 points in their first game in IPL 2021. Now new problems have arisen for this team. The versatile Ben Stokes of this team has been excluded from the current season.

Stokes because of a broken finger

Rajasthan Royals said on his official Twitter account, Ben Stokes was kicked out of the IPL due to a broken finger in the final match. He will stay with the team and continue his support for the matches to come.

Ben Stokes was kicked out of the IPL following a broken finger in last night’s game.

He will stay with the Royals and support the rest of the squad in the coming games. #RoyalsFamily | @ benstokes38

– Rajasthan Royals (@rajasthanroyals) April 13, 2021

Broken finger trying to catch

Ben Stokes was injured during a grab attempt by Chris Gayle in a game against the Punjab Kings. Stokes ran a long run across the field and grabbed the hold while diving.

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Feeling of hurt during the celebration

After catching this capture, Ben Stokes started celebrating with his teammates when he realized his injury. Despite this, he remained in the game but did not play again.

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