BCCI Removes Software Signal from IPL 2021 | There is a ruckus over this rule from ICC, now BCCI removed from IPL

New Delhi: There are still a few days to start the 14th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL 14). This year’s IPL will be played from April 9. Meanwhile, the Cricket Control Board of India (BCCI) has taken a major decision ahead of the start of IPL 2021. BCCI has decided that the soft signal rule will be removed in this year’s IPL. Please say that in the current India-England series there has been a lot of heckling about the soft signal rules.

What is a soft signal?

In fact, whenever the on-court referee turns to the third referee for advice on a hold, he should take a soft signal at that point. After making his decision, the field referee asks the third referee to make sure he is not wrong. The third referee can only justify the referee on the field if he has very clear evidence. But now that will not happen in IPL.

There will be no software signal in IPL

The BCCI has decided that there will no longer be a soft signal in the IPL. The BCCI has now decided that the on-field referee will not be able to give a soft signal before returning the decision to the third referee. Let us know that before that, if the referee used to make a decision towards the third referee, he had to give a soft signal first. Not only that, the third referee will also be able to change the referee’s no-ball and short-draw decision on the field in the IPL this year.

There was some dispute in T20 series

In fact, in the fourth game of the T20 series between India and England, Suryakumar Yadav caught a catch by David Malan (Dawid Malan) near the border. The decision was up to the third referee, but before that, the referee on the pitch had given him a soft signal. We saw in the recovery that the ball seemed to be on the ground, but the third referee still gave the batter. After this decision, this rule was criticized everywhere. Even Indian captain Virat Kohli has asked to change this rule.

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