Bangladesh free to make its own decisions: USA: Amore

Washington, May 12

The United States has noted the Chinese ambassador’s statement that Bangladesh should not be part of the Quad alliance. If he does so, relations between Bangladesh and China may deteriorate. India, United States, Japan and Australia are part of the Quad. These countries have formed these alliances to coordinate in the Indo-Pacific region. “The US has a very strong relationship with Bangladesh,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters. He said that the United States respects the sovereignty of Bangladesh and the country is free to take foreign policy decisions at its own level. Price stated that the Quad was an informal, necessary and multidimensional structure that was currently bringing together like-minded democracies. It aims to ensure free and open traffic in the Indo-Pacific region. China has been opposing the Quad Group since the beginning. It was established in 2007. China alleges that the group was set up for anti-China activities. -PTI

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