Babar Azam accused of sexual exploitation, report to file | Allegations against Babar Azam, false promise of marriage, sexual exploitation, abortion, now in trouble

Karachi: Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam was accused of sexual exploitation by a woman some time ago. The woman from Lahore had said that Azam had forcibly miscarried and falsely promised to marry her.

Babar Azam in trouble

A court in Lahore has ordered that an FIR be filed against Pakistani cricket team captain Babar Azam on charges of sexual harassment.

Further sessions Judge Noman Mohammad Naeem ordered the police station at Nasirabad Police Station to immediately file an FIR against Babar after cross-examining lawyers for both sides.

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Explain that the petitioner has attached his abortion medical documents as proof.

This was revealed earlier

The woman had previously said at a press conference that the person hurting me is none other than Pakistani cricket team captain Babar Azam. We both had relationships since Babar Azam was not even a cricketer.

He also said he had promised to marry me, he got me pregnant, he beat me, he threatened me and he used me. He said: “As soon as he was selected for the Pakistani team in 2014, his behavior changed. The following year, I asked them to get married but they refused. In 2016 I said I was pregnant, they started behaving strangely and tortured me physically. I didn’t tell my family all this because we had run away from home.

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