Nominations for the 96th Academy Awards Announced: A Mix of Surprise and Snubs

On January 23, the 96th Academy Awards nominees were revealed, igniting both controversy and much anticipation. With 13 nominations, Christopher Nolan’s epic biopic “Oppenheimer” led the field, and Yorgos Lanthimos’ bizarre “Poor Things” was just behind it with 11.

Nevertheless, with a total of 21 nominations for Greta Gerwig’s live-action “Barbie” and its stop-motion companion piece “Oppenheimer,” the cultural phenomenon “Barbenheimer” was the real star of the program.

Last year, “Barbenheimer” went viral throughout the world, winning over both critics and viewers with its clever take on the classic doll and its provocative examination of social norms. Greta Gerwig’s film attracted eight nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actress for Margot Robbie’s endearing Barbie role. It was hailed for its smart language and bright graphics. Nevertheless, a few significant omissions prompted questions despite the movie’s critical and commercial success.

The most notable omission from the Best Supporting Actor category was America Ferrera’s witty portrayal of Ken in “Barbie”. Ferrera absolutely captured the ridiculousness and hilarity of the plastic heartthrob in a performance that stole the show.

The Academy’s alleged prejudice against comedy and lighter material was questioned by fans who took issue with her absence on social media.

The fact that Gerwig was left out of the Best Adapted Screenplay competition was another unexpected rejection. The filmmaker and Noah Baumbach co-wrote the “Barbie” script, creating a deft and subtle retelling of the Mattel toyline that went beyond the original work.

Although the stop-motion “Oppenheimer” earned the film a nomination for Best Original Screenplay, others believed Gerwig should have been honored for her contributions to both parts of the “Barbenheimer” project.

“Barbenheimer” continues to lead several important categories in spite of these rejections. In addition to being a strong candidate for Best Actress, Margot Robbie’s colorful portrayal of Barbie might also win awards for its creative production design and costumes.

In the technical categories, the stop-motion film “Oppenheimer” is also anticipated to contend strongly, with its captivating animation and painstakingly constructed sets probably garnering nominations.

The 96th Academy Awards presentation is scheduled for March 10th, and fans and industry insiders will undoubtedly be gripped by the suspense around “Barbenheimer’s” possibilities. Is it possible for the cultural phenomenon to win all the awards, or will nominees like “Oppenheimer” and “Poor Things” take home the gold? There is a tangible sense of excitement about the event, which looks to be an exciting celebration of great movies.


Both controversy and excitement surrounded the 96th Academy Awards nominations. With 21 nominations from both its live-action and stop-motion flicks, “Barbenheimer” stole the show, trailing only “Oppenheimer” with 13. Notwithstanding its triumph, concerns were raised by America Ferrera’s rejection for Best Supporting Actor and Greta Gerwig’s omission from Best Adapted Screenplay. Strong competitors in both the leading and technical categories mean that there will be tension at the ceremony, with “Barbenheimer” perhaps emerging as the ultimate victor.

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