Attack on Sikh man in New York: Amore

New York, 4 May

A black man attacked a Sikh man with a hammer at a hotel in Brooklyn, New York. “I don’t like you,” shouted the assailant, “your skin is not like ours.” Following the attack, the New York-based group The Sikh Coalition has sought to investigate the incident to see if it was a hate attack. According to the New York Daily website, 32-year-old Sumit Ahluwalia of Astoria said the attacker was full of racial hatred. Sumit said the incident occurred on April 26 at the Quality Inn in his workplace, Brovesville. According to Sumit, the attacker entered the hotel lobby at 8 am and started making noise. The woman at the front desk asked him for help. Meanwhile, Ahluwalia also came there to talk to the man so that the security guard could be summoned.

According to Sumit, the attacker ran towards him, took out a hammer from his pocket and hit him hard on the head. Earlier, a Sikh man tried to pacify the attacker. “He is in shock and he is scared,” Sumit said after the incident. Police have released pictures of the suspect. The Sikh coalition has decided to provide legal services to Ahluwalia for the case. -PTI

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