anniversary of the death of major hockey legend dhyanchand | Know the special things of hockey wizard Dhyan Chand

New Delhi: Today is the anniversary of the death of Major Dhyanchand, great hockey player and magician. He is not the best hockey player in the world but from India. He won the Olympic gold medal for India three times and when he was playing on the field the ball stuck to his hockey stick. Sir Don Bradman and Hitler of his hockey were also convincing. Let us know 10 special things about them.

1- Dhyan Chand was drafted into the Indian army at the age of 16. After which he started to play hockey. Dhyan Chand practiced until late at night and that’s why friends called him Chand.

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2- The Indian hockey team won Olympic gold medals in 1928, 1932 and 1936 and Dhyan Chand represented India on these three occasions.

3- Major Dhyanchand scored 14 goals at the 1928 Olympic Games. He was the top scorer in this tournament. After that, an Amsterdam newspaper called him a hockey wizard.

4- Dhyan Chand was most appreciated by the Bigton Club Final match played between Calcutta Customs and Jhansi Heroes in 1933.

In 1935, India visited Australia and New Zealand. Here, Dhyan Chand (Major Dhyan Chand) has played 48 games and scored 201 goals.

6- Sir Don Bradman met Dhyan Chand in 1935. Cricket’s greatest batsman, Don Bradman, also became convinced of him. He said, Dhyan Chand scores such goals in hockey, while we score points in cricket.

7- The final was between India and Germany at the Berlin Olympics. In the second half of Mokabale, Dhyan Chand played barefoot hockey with his shoes off and beat Germany 8-1.

8- India also won gold at the Berlin Olympics and Dhyan Chand’s performance made Hitler their fan. Hitler invited Dhyan Chand to eat and asked him to play from Germany and he had the greed to become a colonel, but Dhyan Chand chose Hindustan.

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9- Major Dhyan Chand, one of the greatest hockey players in the world, has scored 400 goals in international hockey.

10- Major Dhyanchand’s records are so incredible but despite this, this great player has not received Bharat Ratna until today. Every year the sports world asks to give them Bharat Ratna on the day of the sports day, but so far this request is ignored.

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