America: Pathik recovered from Indian bag: Amore

Washington, May 11

US Customs and Border Protection officials have seized two bags of luggage of a passenger returning from India at Washington DC Suburban International Airport. The bag in which the Indian passenger brought cow dung was lying at the airport. Authorities say that pathis has been banned in the United States because they are believed to spread foot and mouth disease. These routes have since been destroyed. “The customs and border security agronomists have recovered two stones from the luggage left at the airport,” officials said. The luggage belonged to one of the passengers who returned from an Air India flight on 4 April. Keith Fleming, executive director of CBP’s Baltimore Field Office, said: “Mouth and hoof disease is a disease that all breeders fear and have serious economic consequences.” CBP stated that cow dung contains energy and is used as a source of cooking in many parts of the world. It is also used as a fertilizer, but despite its many benefits, Pathi has been banned from India due to the risk of spreading foot and mouth disease. -PTI

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