America: Black Sikhs Attack On Sikhs: Amore

New York, 4 May

At a hotel in Brooklyn, New York, a black man attacked a Sikh with a hammer and shouted during the attack, “I don’t like you and your skin color is not like mine.” Astoria resident Sumit Ahluwalia, 32, said the person attacking her was full of racial hatred. Ahluwalia said that on April 26, a black man attacked Kama. “The attacker came to the hotel lobby at 8 in the morning and was screaming,” he said. When I went to talk to him, he went to me and reached in his pocket. I think he is taking out the pistol. I told him that you are my brother. The attacker then said, “No, your skin color is different from mine.” The attacker then attacked me with a hammer.

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