Afghanistan: 7 killed in oil tanker fire

Kabul, 2 May

At least seven people were killed and 14 others were injured when several oil tankers caught fire on the northern side of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The injured have been admitted to local hospitals for treatment.

Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian said today that investigators were conducting a thorough investigation of oil tankers and a gas station that were badly scorched in the incident that occurred late Saturday. The gas station also caught fire.

It was not immediately clear if the fire was accidental or intentional. The incident comes at a time when the withdrawal of US and NATO troops in Afghanistan, which has been in Afghanistan for almost 20 years, has begun.

Tariq said an oil tanker caught fire with a spark. The fire then engulfed several other oil tankers and took a terrible form. Many homes and a gas station were also washed away in the blast, which housed tankers on the northern edges of Kabul. As a result, many structures in most parts of Kabul were destroyed and electricity was cut off. Meanwhile, the drivers of the trucks fell on the road today due to the fire and demanded compensation from the government. He said three trucks exploded one after the other. He said there was a possibility of about 100 trucks burning due to the fire. Earlier, fire brigade personnel reached the spot after the fire incident and extinguished the fire after a long struggle. This morning, flames were also coming out of the burnt items. -App

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