AFG vs ZIM: Afghanistan sanctioned race after Hashmatullah Shahidi voluntarily conceded border to bring Zimbabwe Blessing Muzarabani on strike, Sikandar Raza | Afghanistan’s Hashmatullah Shahidi deliberately missed the pitch against Zimbabwe referee punished

New Delhi: On the third day of the second test between Afghanistan and Zimbabwe (AFG vs ZIM), a strange incident was observed. In this match, Afghan outfielder Hashmatullah Shahidi acted in such a way that the whole team faced a penalty.

Alexander Raza was frozen to the fold

When Zimbabwe’s score was 281/8 and Sikandar Raza hit 79 from that team. At the other end, Raza was playing with Blessing Muzarabani who had not opened his account until then.

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Alexander wanted to retaliate

Sikandar Raza shot the last ball from an over towards the cover and tried to take a single so the strike could be delayed. The ball came to rest a few inches before the limit, and the two batsmen had by then completed 1 inning with two runs. Afghan outfielder Hashmatullah Shahidi skillfully placed one foot on the border and caught the ball.

Bad deliberate ground of the Afghan player to strike the new batsmen, didn’t think it was allowed right? #Cricket #AFGvZIM

– GiraffePig (@ ClarkeTom20) March 12, 2021

Why did Fielder do this?

A four on that ball meant Blessing Muzarabani got a strike in the next and Afghanistan would be easy to dismiss the 2 remaining tail batsmen, ending Zimbabwe’s first innings.

Afghanistan wanted to have a complete crack at @ BLESSINGMUZARA1 and maybe that’s why to deny @ SRazaB24 the strike, Shahidi while on the ground had one foot over the border. The referees have legitimately decided to sanction this deliberate effort by the defender.

– Satendra Singh, MD (@drsitu) March 12, 2021

Judge punished

Field referees Ahmed Shah Pakteen and Aleem Dar, present on site, learned of the incident. After the talks, Zimbabwe received an additional race under ICC rule 19.8. Not only that, Alexander Raza also received a strike on the next ball.

What does rule 19.8 say?

According to ICC rule 19.8, “If a passing or a defender intentionally allowed the border to cross, then the runs completed by the batsmen should also be added. If you crossed each other to do, then that run will also be considered over. .

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