5 months pregnant Ankita Gaur did incredible 10k run in Bangalore

Bengaluru: A 5 month pregnant woman has done wonders. Soon to be a mother, Ankita Gaur completed the TCS World 10K race in just 62 minutes.

Ankita Gaur, who has been running regularly for 9 years, believes that “activity” is like breathing for her.

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Ankita said: “This is what I have been doing for the past 9 years, almost daily. You get up and go for a run. Of course, sometimes you are injured, sick and unable to do so.

Ankita Gaur is ready to make headlines at # TCSW10K 2020!

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He said, “I have been running regularly for 9 years, so it’s like breathing for me. It is naturally in me.

Ankita, an engineer by profession, has participated in TCS World 10K since 2013. She has also participated in 5 to 6 international marathons including Berlin (3 times), Boston and New York.

When asked how she prepared for this year’s competition, Ankita replied, “I regularly ran 5-8 km, slowly.”

He said: “I was running and running while taking a break because of course my body is different from before due to being five months pregnant.
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