10 Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrikes: Amore

Gaza City, 15 May

At least 10 Palestinians, mostly children, have been killed in Israeli air strikes in Gaza city this morning. This is the largest number of people killed in an Israeli attack since the war with the radical Hamas regime in Gaza. The conflict, which started last month after the tension in Jerusalem, has increased now. Violence occurs on a daily basis in Israeli cities with mixed Arab and Jewish populations. During the ongoing fighting between Israel and Hamas, Palestinians staged large-scale protests in the West Bank and hundreds of protesters clashed with Israeli forces in several cities. Israeli military operations killed at least 11 people. Palestinians today celebrated Nakba Day in memory of the thousands of Palestinians killed by Israel in the 1948 war. This has increased the possibility of increasing the controversy.

Hadi Amar, US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Israeli-Palestinian Affairs, has arrived in Israel in an effort to ease the conflict. Meanwhile, the UN Security Council is expected to meet tomorrow. However, an Egyptian intelligence official said that Israel had rejected their offer of a one-year ceasefire, which Hamas accepted. Hamas has fired hundreds of rockets at Israel since last Monday. At least 126 people have died in Gaza, including 31 children and 20 women. Seven people, including a six-year-old child and a soldier, have died in Israel.

Rocket firing from Gaza and Israeli bombing of Palestinians continued this morning. At least eight children and two women were killed in an airstrike on a three-story building near a refugee camp in Gaza City. Mohammed Abu Hatab said that his wife and five children had gone to celebrate with relatives when the attack took place. His wife and three children died in the attack. Shortly thereafter, Hamas said it had fired several rockets into southern Israel in response to the airstrike. -PTI

Saudi Arabia will hold a meeting with Muslim countries today

Dubai: Saudi Arabia has invited foreign ministers of the largest Muslim institution to a meeting tomorrow. The Israeli attack against Palestine will be discussed in the meeting. Saudi Arabia will digitally host the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit of 57 countries. The OIC said the meeting would discuss Israel’s use of force against Palestinians, particularly the use of force by Israeli police against protesters at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. -PTI

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