Yuvraj singh chris gayle to star in ultimate kricket challenge check dates more details | Giants like Yuvraj and Gayle to play Ultimate Kricket Challenge, find out more

New Delhi: Indian team star players Yuvraj Singh (Yuvraj singh), Chris Gayle and Andre Russell of the West Indies, as well as big names like Eoin Morgan, Kevin Pietersen and Rashid Khan will be seen in the Ultimate Cricket Challenge (UKC ).

This tournament filled with great players will be held in Dubai from December 24 to January 1, 2021.

This is the first 16-game tournament of its kind. Which is in a new format of individual cricket match and will introduce new cricket rules. In this tournament, one player will face the other player instead of the team and their matches will be played indoors. There will be 4 rounds of 15 balls in the match.

Yuvraj Singh (Yuvraj Singh) said: “Cricket is at the heart of every Indian fan, but it must constantly evolve and make changes. UKC’s new format is amazing. It’s exciting and it’s the future of cricket. I hope I can also repeat the performance of the 2007 T20 World Cup at UKC ”.

He said, “I’m going to start training for this. It’s a new and interesting format and it can move forward, it depends on how we play in the first session.

Explain that in this match there will be only two players on the field and one match will be 30 balls. If a player is returned five times within those thirty balls, then his innings will be considered over. The match will be decided on the basis of more points. The player will receive 2 points for winning the match at the league stadium and the player who scores the most points at the end of each match will be the winner. The top 4 contenders from the league round will advance to the semi-finals.