Wasim Jaffer rejects allegation of community approach in selection of Uttarakhand squad, saying it is false and very sad | Wasim Jaffer accused of religious discrimination, broke silence on team selection

New Delhi: Former Indian batsman Wasim Jaffer, who resigned his coaching post due to disputes with the Uttarakhand Cricket Association, has dismissed the allegations made by the secretary of the state association. Union secretary Mahim Verma alleged that Jafar tried to be selected for the team on the basis of religion. Please say Jaffer was appointed Uttarakhand coach in June 2020. They had signed a one year contract.

“The problem is reached by allegations”

Wasim Jaffer has been accused of giving preference to Muslim players. With that, Jaffer says the allegations hurt him a lot. Jaffer said: “The community angle put in place is very sad. He alleged that I supported Iqbal Abdulla and wanted to appoint him captain, which is totally wrong. Please say that Jaffer resigned his coaching post on Tuesday due to interference in the selection and the partisan attitude of the coaches and the secretary of the association.

Jaffer wanted to make Jay Bista the captain

Wasim Jaffer said he didn’t want Iqbal Abdullah but Jay Bista as the team’s captain, but other selectors suggested it to captain Abdullah (Iqbal Abdulla). He said: “ I wanted to make Jai Bista the captain, but Rizwan Shamshad and other selectors suggested that I make Iqbal the captain. He is a senior player, has played in the IPL and is also older. I accepted his suggestion.

“ I did not call maulvis in the bio-bubble ”

Wasim Jaffer said he did not bring a maulvis during the practice session. He said, “Maulvi came in a bio bubble and we read Namaz. I want to tell you that whatever maulvi came to Dehradun during the camp, I did not call him for two or three fines. We used to offer Namaz in the room every day, but I used to read Namaz of Zuma together, so I thought it would be nice if someone came for that. We read Namaz in the locker room five minutes after net practice. If it’s community, then I could change the practice time according to Namaz’s time, but I’m not like that.