Virat Kohli team India captain hilarious expression during chennai test viral social media meme | Fans enjoyed Virat Kohli’s unique expression, these funny memes went fiercely viral on Twitter

Chennai: A funny expression from Indian team captain Virat Kohli goes viral on social media, which fans are having fun with. During the second Test played in England against England, Virat Kohli gave a strange expression as he watched the match from the locker room.

As soon as this funny expression from Virat Kohli went viral, there was a flood of memes on social media. Let us know that in this game India beat England by 317 points. By taking this photo of Virat Kohli, people enjoyed miming under different circumstances. Seeing Virat Kohli’s mims, no one will stop laughing.

After seeing cow dung in a posh girlish village in town: –

– Pulkit (@RT_de_de) February 16, 2021

Boys when their parents force them to go to school on “Rakshabandhan” –

– The One Not to Be Named (@dankstinger) February 16, 2021 after seeing the photo of the Aadhaar card

– Babu Rao Aapte (@highbgnewsvale) February 16, 2021

1) When you see your favorite food on the dinner table
2) when you learn that the dinner was prepared by sister

– Dipankar (@ Choudhurybabu01) February 16, 2021

When you say ‘low aadha cup chai dena’ and they actually give you aadha cup chai

– SwatKat (@ swatic12) February 16, 2021

The Gujarati Jab khane me sugar nah ho-

– AaYuu (@A_BrahminGirlll) February 16, 2021

I give a fake compliment on the not so tasty food my dad made and he starts giving me more

– Thirsty Rajasthani (@Bisleri_maymer) February 16, 2021

When you are unemployed and you say to cook different tastes in the mother’s anger when it comes to eating.

Then dad looks at it all:

– Professor ngl Raja Babu (@ GaurangBhardwa1) February 15, 2021

Thinking about the whole life decision I made:

– (@RomanaRaza) February 16, 2021

I read my own answers after writing them on the exam.

– Pakchikpak Raja Babu (@HaramiParindey) February 15, 2021

Me reading my old chat with my ex

– Sohel Rs (@KaDwE___BoL) February 16, 2021

When you see Facebook memories …

– sarthyasm .. (@sarthyasm) February 15, 2021

Me after my own fart

– Vïkiñg … (@Uselessburger) February 15, 2021

Please say Team India captain Virat Kohli is always energetic on the pitch. Seeing Virat Kohli on the pitch on day two of the Chennai Test match, the supporters in Chepauk rejoiced and applauded. Virat also accepted the people’s greetings. Virat Kohli turned to the fans and waved a loud whistle.

The spectators at the stadium also gave a tremendous reaction to the Indian captain’s request and the whole pitch was humming with noise. “Whistle Podu” means “whistle” which is also a slogan of the Chennai Super Kings team. BCCI shared this video. Explain that the Indian team avenged their defeat in the first test match by beating England by 317 points in the second test match played in Chennai. With the victory in the second Test Match, Virat’s men tied 1-1 in the four-game Test series. The next match in the series will be played from February 24 at the new Motera stadium in Ahmedabad.