Virat kohli revealed after an embarrassing defeat, due to which the game was called off in Chennai. News in Hindi

After the embarrassing defeat in the first Test at the hands of England, Indian captain Virat Kohli admitted his side had not pressured the visiting team from the start. England beat India by 227 points in Matchday 5 of Tuesday’s opener, thanks to brilliant performances from left arm pitcher Jack Leach (4 wickets for 76) and quick pitcher James Anderson (3 for 17). 0 lead.

Chennai counter was slow

Virat Kohli said after the game: ‘I don’t think we managed to put pressure on him from the first innings. As a bowling unit, the fast bowlers and Ashwin did well in the first innings, but we had to score a few more runs and put pressure on them. It must be said that it was a slow wicket and that did not help the bowlers, it allowed the batsmen to turn the strike more easily. This was not seen for the first two days.

Kohli said – England put pressure on us

England gave India an important 420 point goal to win, in response to which Team India slumped to 192 points in 58.1 overs. Virat Kohli praised the England team, saying: “But the credit goes to England, they kept us under pressure and scored a big score.” In the second round, our body language was not positive. We were better in the first innings with the bat. We need to figure things out and improve them as quickly as possible. The England team were more professional than us throughout the match.

After beating India by 227 points in the first test, England captain Joe Root said winning the draw in the game and taking all 20 wickets was very good for his team. Also, the England captain also said that his batsmen also took full advantage of the wicket in day one and two and put pressure on India by scoring a big score.

Joe Root said – We took advantage of the pitch

Root said after the game: “ It was great for the team to win the draw and take the 20 wickets in such a situation. We thought the counter would be good here and the first partnership helped us a lot. Different players have contributed to the team and this is the most important thing to win. If we want to win, a player has to make a big contribution to the team and I’m lucky to have done this job this week. We know India will try to come back firmly.

Root congratulated the most experienced bowler on his team, James Anderson, and said it was truly amazing to give the team an inspiring performance at this age. Root said, “Our plan was to score over 400 points. After spending some time in the field, I learned that there would be changes in the wicket. At bowling, we didn’t worry about the scroll rate. It’s nice to come here and win the first game, but James Anderson’s performance at the age of 38 is truly amazing. He is an inspiration to the other players on the team.