The performance of Virat Kohli in Adelaide is incredible, he has done 3 centuries in the last 6 test heats | Virat Kohli, king of Adelaide, planted a century of centuries; Know all the recordings

New Delhi: Team India will start the Test Series campaign against Australia tomorrow. A day-night match will be played on the Adelaide pitch. Indian team captain Virat Kohli will only play these test matches. After this match, Kohli will return to India for the birth of her child. In such a situation it is very important for Team India to win the first Test.

When it comes to stats, Australia have a big advantage in the Pink Ball Test, but the opening game is on Adelaide’s ground and that ground is very lucky for Team India and Virat Kohli. In such a situation India has a good chance of winning the first match.

Kohli’s ‘Virat’ record in Adelaide

Virat Kohli loves Adelaide pitches. On this pitch he has played three test matches so far, in which he has scored three centuries. In 2012, Virat scored 116 and 22 points in two innings of the game played on this field. In 2014, Kohli’s bat talked a lot. He had marked a century in both his sleeves. At the same time, in the game played in 2018, Virat could only score 3 points and 34 points.

Australia unbeatable in pink ball test, know how Indian team record

3 centuries in 6 races, seeing this huge Kohli record, fans’ expectations have increased.

At the same time, on the ground of Adelaide, Team India played the last match in 2019. In this ODI, India beat Australia by 6 wickets and Virat Kohli played a century of 104 races in this match.

Other than that, if you look at Virat Kohli’s testing stats in Australia, he has played 12 games so far. In which he scored 1274 points. During this time, its name is also 6 centuries old.

In view of these records, fans have high hopes for Virat and they are also confident that Virat will lead the team to victory in the Pink Ball Test against Australia.