The green grass seen on the pitch at Motera Stadium, admitted James Anderson – there will be a big change on match day. News in Hindi

AHMEDABAD: Fast and experienced English bowler James Anderson believes that while the green grass is still visible on the newly groomed pitch at Sardar Patel Motera stadium, he is confident that against India he will be eliminated before Day Night begins Test.

The third test match between India and England will be played in the spotlight from Wednesday. Anderson believes Motera’s pitch won’t be much different from the second test match played at Chepauk. England lost the second test by 317 races.

Grass will not be found on the field on match day

Speaking in a virtual press conference with UK media, Anderson said: “There is grass on the pitch right now, but I’m confident that when we get to the pitch to play the match, it won’t there will be no grass on the ground. ” We must therefore wait. As a fast bowler we have to be prepared to play our best in all kinds of situations.

Anderson practiced fiercely

Anderson said, “It would be great if there was a swing.” If not, we still have to play our part. Anderson said he played with the pink SG ball during the net session and felt it swings more than the red SG ball. Anderson said: “This will be the second pink ball in India and the first test match in February, so we don’t know how it will perform.

Anderson starred in the series opener and was instrumental in winning England with five wickets. He had a rest in the second game. Anderson said, “I feel great and refreshed and ready to play again when I get the chance. It’s disappointing to a certain extent, but keeping in mind that the more cricket we have to play, I can get the big picture.