The England team upset after their defeat against the Indian team! Captain Joe Root apologizes to Moeen Ali

London: English captain Joe Root has apologized to Moeen Ali. Joe Root asked Moeen Ali for his statement in which he said the all-rounder chose to return to England after the second test match against India when in fact he is English.

Moin Ali, who won eight wickets in the second test match in Chennai and scored 43 points on 18 balls in the second set, has decided to return to the UK after 10 days off. It was Moeen Ali’s first game after Ashes 2019. According to the “Mirror” report, Root apologized to Moin at the team’s hotel for his “choice to go home” statement.

Some other UK newspapers have also published such reports. Root said after England’s 317-point loss in Tuesday’s second game at Chennai, “Moeen Ali has chosen to go home.” We made it clear at the start that if players feel they want to get out of the bio-safe environment, they have a choice.

Like Moeen Ali, Jose Butler, who has performed in all formats, has returned home after the first test and will return to India for the limited series. Ben Stokes and Jofra Archer recently took a rest while touring Sri Lanka.

Former cricketers have come under heavy criticism for failing to keep Johnny Bairstow in the squad in the first two tests against India. He also rested after the tour of Sri Lanka. Bairstow is now in India for the last two tests.