Sourav Ganguly Latest Health Update: Doctor Devi Shetty Underwent Angioplasty at Apollo Hospital | Latest Sourav Ganguly Health Update: Doctor Devi Shetty Did Dada Angioplasty

Kolkata: Former team captain and BCCI president Sourav Ganguly underwent angioplasty at Apollo hospital on Thursday. Hospital officials gave this information.

Mushuhar’s heart specialist Devi Shetty made the decision after Sourav Ganguly had done all the tests and consulted with doctors along the way.

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Devi Shetty said 2 stents were inserted to remove the blockage in the arteries of the 48-year-old former Indian captain. A senior doctor said: “After assessing her condition, we decided to have an angioplasty.”

Saurav Ganguly, 48, was admitted to hospital on Wednesday after complaining of chest discomfort. After that, several of his tests were done. Dada’s relatives constantly pray for her good health. Hopefully they will be released in a few days.

Ganguly had complained of chest pain while exercising at his home 3 weeks ago, after which the investigation revealed that there were 3 obstructions in his arteries for which stents were installed. The doctor said, “Ganguly slept well last night. He had a light breakfast in the morning.”

According to Reewar’s source, CM Mamata Banerjee called Ganguly in the morning and asked about her condition. Chief CPM leader Ashok Bhattacharya also arrived at the hospital.
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