Shikhar Dhawan welcomes Yuzvendra Chahal and Dhanashree Verma for a Sufi night, see viral article | Yuzvendra Chahal’s wife Dhanashree wrote a special Shikhar Dhawan article, see viral photos

New Delhi: Indian team star bowler Yuzvendra Chahal recently started a new round of life with Dhanashree Verma. Soon after the wedding, they both got busy with their jobs. A month after their wedding, they both shared this affair with their fans by posting a post on Instagram. However, now Dhanashree and Chahal are spending time together and the fans are very fond of their photos.

Chahal and Dhanshree were seen with Dhawan

Dhanashree Verma shared some photos on Instagram. These photos also include Yuzvendra Chahal as well as Shikhar Dhawan. In fact, this couple had arrived at Dhawan’s place and they were all spending time together.

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Dhanashree posted the photos and wrote in the caption, “ Sufi night is best if you have a host like Shikhar Dhawan. Thank you very much for this beautiful evening. You are incredible ‘.

Due to the works, there was a distance between Chahal and Dhanshree

Earlier, after the entire month of his marriage, Chahal shared an emotional post by sharing videos on his social media account and talking about how far he was from Dhanshree.

Yuzvendra Chahal wrote: “We don’t give each other and our family members happiness, but we work to make friends and our country happy with our talent”.

He wrote: “We are celebrating this month-long anniversary by doing our job, understanding each other more and making ourselves proud. I expect to meet my love soon ”.