Shahid Afridi tweet on the eve of Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5th, support Kashmir freedom | Former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi chanted Kashmir freedom again, see tweet

New Delhi: Former Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi may have been very successful in his cricket career, but he often makes the headlines through his controversial statements. The former cricketer has again attempted to interfere in India’s internal affairs.

Shahid once again showed ‘Kashmir love’

Shahid Afridi wrote on Twitter: “We must draw inspiration from the courage, bravery and strength of the people of Kashmir. These people were victims of oppression as they fought for their land. I am united with my brothers and sisters and I support their freedom. Solidarity day in Kashmir.

We must be inspired by the bravery and perseverance witnessed by the people of Kashmir who have been subjected to brutality in the struggle for their homeland. I am united with our brothers and sisters in supporting their journey to freedom on #KashmirSolidarityDay.

– Shahid Afridi (@SAfridiOfficial) February 4, 2021

What is Kashmir Solidarity Day?

In Pakistan, on February 5 of each year, Kashmir Solidarity Day is celebrated as Kashmir Solidarity Day. The national holiday is celebrated on this day. It was started by former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

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Afridi also made a controversial statement earlier

In a viral video, Shahid Afridi said that although Modi tries to be very bold, he is a coward. For such a small Kashmir, they put down an army of 7 lakhs, while the total Pakistan army is 7 lakhs, but they don’t know that there is an army of 22-23 crore behind them. Every Hindustani shows his limits to Shahid Afridi on this ridiculous statement.