Sandeep Sharma denounces “logic” behind Rihanna’s criticism, says by this logic no one should care about each other Sandeep Sharma, backed by Rihanna, warns people to end their careers

New Delhi: International pop star Rihanna gave her support to farmers protesting at Delhi’s borders against the three agricultural laws introduced by the central government and asked why people are not talking about them. Rihanna spoke on Twitter after which prominent figures from India gave them a proper response and said it was an internal Indian matter. But meanwhile, Indian fast bowler Sandeep Sharma has been seen in Rihanna’s sport.

What did you say?

32-year-old pop star Rihanna has sided with farmers by sharing news from a news website in several districts in neighboring Delhi state of Haryana when the internet is off. Riana wrote: “Why aren’t we talking about this? Along with that, he also recorded #FarmersProtest in his tweet.

Sandeep came in support

As the whole country opposes Riyana’s tweet, Sunrisers Hyderabad bowler Sandeep Sharma tweeted and raised serious questions in Riyana’s favor. Sandeep said in a long tweet: ‘According to this, no one should care about each other as every situation is someone’s internal affair. However, Sandeep later deleted his tweet.

The example given in many countries

Sandeep Sharma also posted a photo with a lengthy tweeting message in support of Riana. There are different examples of the condition from many countries in this photo. Through this photo, Sandeep said: ‘By this argument, no one outside of Germany should have criticized the persecution of Jews in Germany during the Nazi era. By this logic, no one outside of Pakistan should criticize the oppression of Ahmadis, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians in Pakistan. With this logic, no one outside of India should have criticized the atrocities and other atrocities committed against Muslims in India or the massacre of Sikhs in 1984.

People started giving him different reactions as soon as Sandeep Sharma tweeted into Rihanna’s Sport. While some people have fiercely praised him, some have said that now Sandeep Sharma’s cricket career will end. In fact, Indian team captain Virat Kohli, great batsman Sachin Tendulkar, Shikhar Dhawan, Ajinkya Rahane, Gautam Gambhir, Ravi Shastri and many other players had responded to Riyana’s tweet angrily. In such a situation, this tweet from Sandeep may cause him trouble.