Sachin Tendulkar gave a fitting response to gesturing pop star Rihanna

New Delhi: After the tweet of international pop star Rihanna, the question of the farmers’ protest continues in the country. After this tweet, Riana is accused of carrying out international propaganda. Now Sachin Tendulkar (Sachin Tendulkar) has also given his reaction on this issue.

Sachin’s response to Riyana
Sachin Tendulkar wrote on Twitter: “India’s sovereignty cannot be compromised. Outside forces can be spectators, but not participants. Indian citizens know India. Let’s stay united as a nation ‘#IndiaTogether #IndiaAgainstPropaganda’

India’s sovereignty cannot be compromised. Outside forces can be spectators but not participants.
Indians know India and should decide for India. Let us stay united as a nation. # IndiaTogether #IndiaAgainstPropaganda

– Sachin Tendulkar (@sachin_rt) February 3, 2021

Didn’t take Riana’s name
Although Sachin Tendulkar didn’t name Rihanna anywhere in this tweet, his gesture was clearly towards this pop star. Sachin believes that propaganda should in no way be directed against India because it is an internal Indian issue.

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What did you say?
32-year-old pop star Rihanna has sided with farmers by sharing news from a news website in several districts in neighboring Delhi state of Haryana when the internet is off. Riana wrote: “Why aren’t we talking about this? Along with that, he also recorded #FarmersProtest in his tweet.

why aren’t we talking about this ?! #FarmersProtest

– Rihanna (@rihanna) February 2, 2021

Pragyan Ojha also expressed his objection
Rihanna Ojha (Rigyan Ojha) did not like Rihanna’s speech on the peasant movement and he responded to this tweet very precisely. Ojha said, “My country is proud of our farmers and knows how important they are. I’m sure this will be resolved soon. We do not need any outside person to interfere in our internal affairs.

My country is proud of our farmers and knows how important they are, I hope this will be fixed soon. We don’t need a stranger sticking his nose into our internal affairs!

– Pragyan Ojha (@pragyanojha) February 2, 2021