Rishabh Pant’s career could have ended in a smash, England bowler revealed | News in Hindi

Chennai: Indian batsman Rishabh’s pants blown English spinner Jack Leach in the opening innings of the first test match played in Chennai, after which the English pitcher’s confidence plummeted so much It was said he was not sure whether he would like to play cricket again.

The pants blows violently Jack Leach

England’s first left-arm spinner Jack Leach on the tour of India for the first time was beaten by Rishabh pants on day three of the first test, but made a good comeback in the next two days and took six wickets . a key role in the victory by 227 races.

Jack Leach wrote in Sky Sports: “This is my first visit to Team India and the start was very strong. When we won the first test match, we went through a lot of emotions and I think that’s why we love cricket so much.

Bowler lost confidence while playing cricket

Jack Leach said: “After dropping 77 points in eight overs on day three I wasn’t sure I wanted to play cricket again so I’m really proud to have come back and have helped win over. the team. ” Leach said: “Who can think that the game will give you such a strong feeling as we won the game by 227 points.”

Rohit counter was excellent

Jack Leach’s wickets also included Indian opener Rohit Sharma’s wicket, which was a brilliant ball the batsman had no response to. Leach said: “ At the end of Matchday 4, the ball I sidelined Rohit Sharma, I will keep that in mind in the matches to come. I liked batsmen like him coming out on a shiny ball.

Jack Leach has said England will miss the next three games for wicket batsman Jos Buttler, who returned home due to England’s rotation policy. Leach said: “Jose will definitely be missed in the coming weeks, who has returned home to rest.”