Questions raised about the Test Harbourmaster’s Office of Virat Kohli, but Kevin Pietersen deemed the debate unnecessary. News in Hindi

London: The captaincy of Virat Kohli is called into question after the defeat of Team India at the Chennai Test against England. A lot of people assume that if the Indian team loses this series, Kohli’s captain will be kidnapped.

Meanwhile, former England drummer Kevin Pietersen sees no threat to Virat Kohli’s captaincy in the near future, but after India lost 4 consecutive tests under his captain, he understood the debate over it.

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Under Kohli harbor master’s office, India lost 2 tests to New Zealand early last year, after which the team suffered a humiliating defeat in the first test in Adelaide, Australia in December, then England. welcomed the hosts to Chennai earlier this week.

Pietersen said: “I have absolutely no hope of changing things, but it is impossible to avoid the ongoing debate over the Test Harbor office in India.” Virat Kohli has lost 4 consecutive tests as captain and Ajinkya Rahane is part of the squad under which India recently won a major series in Australia.

In Kohli’s absence, Rahane led the Indian squad to grapple with the injury issue of a player who won the 4-Test Series 2-1 in Australia. This victory in Australia sparked debate over whether Rahane should be named Indian Test captain in place of Kohli.

The former England captain however backed Kohli and said he was fully capable of helping the team win under his captain position. Peterson said, “On social media, every radio station, every TV station, and every news channel, there should be intense discussions about what should happen. It is very difficult to run the country and unfortunately that is the nature of this job.

He said: “It’s another thing to distract the attention Kohli doesn’t need but of course to calm things down he is able to win the team under his captain in the second Test.” Peterson also believes that after James Anderson’s brilliant bowling in the first test, experienced English fast bowler Stuart Broad will be under pressure to perform well in the second test.

Stuart Broad has rested from the first Test under England’s rotation policy but is ready to play the second Test and Pietersen is hoping this fast bowler will have the ability to make his mark in India. luck.